Friv Games - Dead Or Alive?

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friv gamesPlay GBC SNES NES Games with R4 Revolution
Another name of R4 card is Flash Card Revolution or R4i. These latest flash cards have become popular and flooding the market industry of console. This latest flash card really is easy as well as simple to work with and they also keep the slot 1 of NDS platform. You can use this flash card to experience games. The interesting part is always that here you don't have to use any additional patching operations or backup to try out games into it. You can easily transfer the files to this flash card from the Micro SD cards in the event you want to play games on it. This latest R4 Revolution for R4 or DS is considered as slot 1 solution as it has created the Micro SD card because the main device which you could easily store all your vital documents including OS files, music, games, movies, and ROMs. They are small in dimensions but possess numerous functionalities to give the user. They come in a smaller package similar to the other console. The complete package incorporates numerous components of it which enables the device to work extremely fast.The popularity of R4i is increasing rapidly this also device is now giving her a very add-on for other console like Nintendo DS platform. The most important feature of this device is always that it sports ths regular version and Friv.Com in addition sports ths LITE version of entire Nintendo DS platforms. But to hold the files like homebrew, games, music etc you'll need a Micro SD card. You have to insert the Micro SD card on top portion of the R4 Revolution card in order to hold every one of the documents and files. This latest device possesses the ability to offer the Micro SD cards with the memory capacity of 2 GB. But they won't keep the Micro SD cards that are greater than 2 GB in proportions. This device is perfect to store games and music as the games as well as the music range between 30 MB - 60 MB. So, should you possess a storage device of a single GB then it's more than enough for you.In order to download files in your Micro SD card you have to connect them with your personal machine system. So, in order to connect them while using computer you have to work with a USB Micro SD cord that comes along while using R4i. This cord will perform well with every updated laptop or computer. So, with this device you won't need to purchase any additional software or cords to download files from system. Moreover, here with R4i you won't be able to experience the GBA games because they don't support them. But you will be able to play GBC, SNES, and NES games there is however vast difference in quality. So, in case you desire to play GBA games then you've got to make use of slot-2 flash card. But it is recommended that you would be wise to attempt to update the R4 firmware time to time to hold the product upgraded.


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